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We ask for your name, telephone number and e-mail address. This helps us to process your booking, to contact you if we have any problems with your request or to send you an electronic confirmation of the booking.

We operate the following policy with regard to the privacy of customer data:

We will maintain the personal information provided via this site as part of our records to assist us to maintain and improve our administration and management of our van rental business. Customers are welcome to see the information held about them at any time and to make the necessary amendments to keep the information up to date. In order to further enhance our van rental services, we may also add details to customer's names and addresses to our marketing database and may from time to time notify customers of new services of the WVC group. From time to time we may wish to notify you of our site features or latest Internet special offers by e-mail.

Our site does not use cookies for any purpose.

IP address:
We collect your IP address when you visit our site; this only identifies your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and does not contain any information about - you as an individual. We use this information to help us understand more about where our site traffic originates.

If we decide to change the privacy policy for our Web site, we will post the changes here, so you will always know what information we gather, how we use that information and whether we disclose the information to anyone.

Data Responsibility:
WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd is the data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998.

(i) General

No information contained in this Site may be treated as an offer or invitation to treat, apart from the pages containing specific services and for which contract offers are presented expressly and unambiguously. If a contract is made between WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd and a Customer, WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd shall be bound only by the terms and conditions appearing on the printed documents signed by WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd Neither WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd nor any other company mentioned on this site may be deemed to be bound by the information published on this site. In addition, this site may contain typographical or syntax errors, which may be amended at any time without notice.

WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd shall bear no liability or grant any warranty, expressed or implied, except in the cases for which specific contract terms are provided.

(ii) Liability
In no event shall WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd bear any liability directly or indirectly to anyone owing to use of this Site, including in the event that WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd or one of its representatives has been informed of a risk. If the governing law does not allow a disclaimer of liability, WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd liability shall be limited in all cases to the extent permitted by the governing law.

(iii) Warranty
WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd shall use best efforts to ascertain the accuracy of the information published on the Site, the contents of which it reserves the right to amend at any time without notice. However, the information contained in this Site is provided without any warranty of any kind whatsoever, express or implied on WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd. part. In addition, WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd does not warrant that the Site or the hardware on which it is hosted are free of viruses or virus-affected components.

In connection with the web site reservation service

WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd shall bear no liability pursuant to the reservation available on the site and all the official WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd sites. The terms and conditions of reservation and rental of WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd vehicles are subject to amendment at any time. WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd rental service shall not give rise to any liability of WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd in tort or contract, directly or indirectly

The pricing information provided by the web site is information based on the data provided by the Customer. In no event shall web site reservation of a WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd vehicle be treated as constituting a rental contract. Each official WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd site has a copy of the terms of reservation and rental of WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd vehicles. These terms shall be notified to the Customer on request.

In any event, the vehicle-rental contract shall be formed only at the time when the Customer withdraws his or her vehicle and signs the rental contract, accepting the rental terms contained in it. These provisions shall not apply pursuant to the option in the Master Rental Agreement.

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